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Capital Postal & Mailbox Service Is Your Local Expert For Shipping Large & Heavy Freight, LTL (less than truck load) And Domestic and International Air Cargo

If you have an item that needs to be shipped but is too big for the usual carriers like USPS or FedEx, we can help you find a freight shipping quote. We have many options for carriers and prices, so don’t be afraid to come in and request a quote. We can ship anything, big or small, to just about anywhere! Let us help you get that large item to its destination with no hassle. By land, sea, or sky, we’ll get your shipment on the move.

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    Freight Shipping Made Simple

    Freight usually refers to items that are moved in trains, planes, ships, trucks, and more, and have specific rules and regulations. However, we can help you navigate the ins and outs of freight shipping with hassle-free service! Wondering if you need freight shipping? Here are some examples of items that are usually sent by freight:

    • Heavy industrial equipment
    • Large furniture pieces
    • Cars & other vehicles
    • Large office equipment pieces
    • Items on palettes
    • Large art pieces like statues

    Shipping smaller packages can be pretty straightforward, but how can you ship something that is too big for normal carriers? If you’re trying to ship something large and heavy, it can be a challenge if you don’t understand the proper dynamics of cargo and freight options.

    When to Use Freight Shipping

    Are you unsure if you need larger parcel shipping or freight shipping? We can help you find out. Depending on your package’s size, weight, and type, you may need to use a freight option. While it may seem excessive, many larger objects need to be shipped with freight because most parcel shipments are limited to 150 pounds.

    To decide if your item needs freight shipping, you can either bring it to us or give us a call and we can help you figure it out. You’ll need to know your item’s weight, height, width, and some other features to determine your best course of action.

    Packing Help for Freight Shipping

    At Capital Postal & Mailbox Service, we are not only experts at shipping; we’re also great at packing! If you need help preparing your freight items for shipments or just want a word of advice, we are more than happy to help.

    We offer all types of packing materials, including tape, standard boxes, custom boxes, packing peanuts, mailing tubes, bubble wrap, tape guns, and even bulk-order boxes. You name it, we probably have it! Need some help deciding on the best packaging for an item? We can make you a custom-shaped box to hold your stuff, too.

    How to Ship Freight Items

    Whether you use freight shipping services frequently or are new to the idea, it can be a bit confusing either way. There are rules and regulations, size guides, freight class to determine, and more. If you need a hand figuring it out, we would love to help! To get you started, here are some of the most important steps for freight shipping:

    1. Pack your shipment using boxes, crates, pallets, or another method.
    2. Determine your freight class using this handy tool from FedEx.
    3. Get a quote for freight shipping using your freight class and item dimensions.
    4. Choose a speed of delivery for your items.
    5. Create a label at Capital Postal & Mailbox Service and attach it to your freight.
    6. (Optional) Schedule a pickup for your freight shipment if you don’t have a truck.

    Have A Question? Let’s Talk.

    Capital Postal has customer service at its core, and our team strives to bring that to each and every customer interaction. Our goal is to help people and companies find the right services they need in just one place, streamlining the process. Based in Long Beach, CA, we are now taking our company nationwide with a full franchise. We believe in hard work, perseverance, and fulfilling services.

    At Capital Postal, we pride ourselves on high-quality customer satisfaction. With years of customer service and industry experience, Let Capital Postal be your one-stop shop for packing, shipping, mailing, and more. If you have any questions or concerns, we would love to hear from you! Simply give us a call at 562.337.8284 or We look forward to hearing from you!