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Are you looking for a unique way to say you care? At Capital Postal & Mailbox Service, we have a variety of greeting cards for different events like holidays, birthdays, sympathy, or just saying hello. Each card comes with an envelope, and we can help you send them with the right postage, too! We can even send cards internationally, so you can still tell the furthest friends and family you love them.

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    Get a Greeting Card & Send It Too

    We Carry Cards For All Occasions

    At Capital Postal, our greeting cards are sourced from some of the most popular national brands, with fun and unique designs. We have a card for every occasion, and if it doesn’t match what you want, we have blank ones, too! Whether you’re looking to send a birthday card at the last minute or a congratulations card in advance, we have something for everyone. Some of the most popular cards we carry include:

    • Birthday
    • Wedding
    • Holidays
    • Anniversary
    • Graduation
    • Mother’s Day
    • Father’s Day
    • Sympathy
    • Get Well Soon
    • Thinking of You

    Our cards all come with envelopes, too. However, if you need any other type of shipping material such as bubble envelopes, sturdy cardboard-backed envelopes, or something else, we have those too! We carry stamps and can help you purchase additional postage as well depending on what you are sending and where.

    Unique Styles You Can’t Find Elsewhere

    The greeting cards available at Capital Postal cover all occasions, but they aren’t the cards you’ll find in the grocery store. With funny, edgy, unique, and cool designs, you can find something fun for any occasion. We also have beautiful, clean designs and ornate cards too, in case you want something a bit more serious. If you need a card for a birthday, graduation, Mother’s Day, a wedding, Christmas, or anything else, get it at Capital Postal & Mailbox Service.

    Expecting a Letter in Return?

    With iPostal1, you can decrease your junk mail clutter and check your post easily without ever having to leave the couch. Simply open a mailbox at Capital Postal and sign up with iPostal1, and you’re ready to go! We’ll send you digital versions of all your mail and pictures of any packages that have been delivered, so you can decide if you need to make a stop in or not.

    What You Need to Know About Sending Letters

    Sending a letter through the post is something not everyone does anymore. Today, people are more attuned to sending an email or text rather than a physical card. However, if you’re thinking of sending a letter through the snail mail, there are a few key things you’ll need to know:

    • Check Your Postage:Depending on how big your letter is or where you’re sending it, you may need more than a single stamp. Letters sent outside of the U.S. will need additional stamps or even a shipping label.
    • Sending to Troops:If you’re sending a letter to an American soldier overseas, you may be able to pay domestic prices. Check your mail carrier for more details to see if you need additional postage or not.
    • Sealing the Envelope:When you send your letter, you’ll want to seal your envelope well. If you want to make it decorative, wax seals are allowed on letters and will likely not be damaged (though there is always a chance the wax may be scratched or even fall off depending on the type).
    • Addressing:It’s important that the address of the recipient and sender be placed in the right section of the envelope. Write the sender’s (your) address in the top left corner. Put the recipient’s address in the center of the envelope. Place your stamp or other postage in the top right corner.

    Have A Question About Our Greeting Cards?

    Capital Postal has customer service at its core, and our team strives to bring that to each and every customer interaction. Our goal is to help people and companies find the right services they need in just one place, streamlining the process. Based in Long Beach, CA, we are now taking our company nationwide with a full franchise. We believe in hard work, perseverance, and fulfilling services.

    At Capital Postal, we pride ourselves on high-quality customer satisfaction. With years of customer service and industry experience, Let Capital Postal be your one-stop shop for packing, shipping, mailing, and more. If you have any questions or concerns, we would love to hear from you! Simply give us a call at 562.337.8284 or We look forward to hearing from you!